IDA 14-Silver

Facmodo Design is a company that has grown out of the needs of their creators. It is truly a family business. The first two furniture lines, OTz and Bezdig come out of our passion for books and artifacts, and from our loving care for our children.

Our purpose is to design, develop and manufacture useful and practical furniture.

Our concept is based on our brand name: fac modo which is a Latin phrase that literally means ‘manage to do it right, try to do it according to the basic principles; keep it simple and straightforward, in a proper and true way’.

Our production follows eco-sustainable values: recyclable material and manufacturing processes with no scrap or wasted components.

Simplicity, functionality and modularity are our guidelines from the first sketch to the end product.

For us, the beauty of a piece of furniture lies in the ease of the design, the production and the use, simultaneously.